Become a Psychic Reader
Work from home and earn fantastic revenues

Become a Psychic, Clairvoyant, Medium, Tarot and Angel Card Reader for LiveLines UK

Becoming a Psychic or Tarot reader from home is a lucrative way to earn money, it is also great because you get to help as many people as possible with your amazing spiritual gift. A lot of us know that we have a sixth sense or a propensity to predict things before they happen but sometimes we never act upon those abilities and they are left unused. If you have a psychic ability or you can read the tarot or angel cards and you want to earn money from helping people then why not consider becoming a psychic, tarot reader from home? The psychic industry is growing rapidly and at the moment there is now more people calling psychic lines than at any other time, so using your natural skills to help callers from all over the world is a benefit to everyone. Applying for a tarot or psychic job is easy and quick, you will receive full support and training however you do need to have a spiritual ability or at least experience of providing readings to family and friends.

  • Excellent rates, paid every 2 weeks on a Friday
  • Friendly 24 hour support team
  • Full ongoing support and training given to every reader
  • Comprehensive initial training to maximise your earning potential
  • Your own personal online profile with a unique pin number for your repeat callers
  • Take calls whenever you like, callers ring our psychic service 24 hours a day
  • We take International calls from English Speaking Countries
  • We take TV calls from Psychic channels throughout the World
  • We are the busiest and largest call handling UK psychic service
  • We offer you the satisfaction of knowing you can help 100′s of callers
  • Many top psychic and tarot brands, including Trusted Psychics and Social Psychics

The best part about become a psychic, tarot reader from home is that it is a flexible position that allows you to work around your commitments. You “log on” when you want to take psychic calls and you “log off” when you want to stop taking the calls, it really is as easy as that. To become a psychic and or tarot reader all you need is a landline, free of voicemail and call waiting. Alongside this you also need your natural spiritual ability and skill.

Don’t worry if you have never taken psychic or tarot calls before as this does not mean that your skill and ability is not inherently evident within your spiritual being. We are looking for dedicated psychic and tarot readers who can predict the future, see the future, hear the future and provide our customers with the insight that they are seeking. Perhaps you haven’t got psychic ability but you use the tarot or angel cards instead and allow the universe to communicate with you this way? Maybe you are intuitive and you use the cards as a tool to allow messages to be passed onto you? Perhaps you Medium connections provide you with messages from spirit? Whichever way you use your spiritual ability to connect to the great universe, we require your talents which will benefit our customers tenfold.

Becoming a psychic or tarot reader with LiveLines UK is easy, the signing up process is quick and straightforward and the best part of all is that we are incredibly busy. We advertise all over the world including the USA, Australia, and the UK and now also Canada, so you can be rest assured that when you log on you will always be busy. We also offer confidential support whilst you take calls for us and we are always on the end of the phone if you need help or guidance. We offer a smooth and reliable service that serves a lot of customers globally and we are essentially extremely proud of our psychic and tarot service.

Become a psychic or tarot reader with LiveLines UK today, receive excellent revenues, work flexible hours around your commitments and drive your spiritual abilities to a new level. We are awaiting your application today; we can start new readers within 1-2 working days, so that you can start your readings as soon as possible. We welcome you on board to our dedicated, affordable and highly recommended psychic service; we need reliable and warm psychic tarot readers just like you to serve our ever growing customer base. Put your skills to the test today and earn fantastic money from your psychic, medium or tarot card reading abilities.

In order to apply for one of our Psychic Tarot Operator Jobs, you will need:

  1. to be over 18
  2. to have a landline (Readers in the USA can take calls on their cell phones)
  3. to have a psychic, tarot, clairvoyant or medium ability
  4. to be warm, friendly and non judgemental
  5. to have a good telephone manner that is kind and compassionate

How do I Apply?

Applying is really easy and quick. If you would like to get started, please ensure that you have read the handbook:
+ Psychic Tarot Operators Handbook
+ Please apply online and Click Here
Alternatively, we can post you the application form and handbook. Please contact the office team if you would prefer this option.

How do I find out more information about the Psychic Tarot Operator Job?

We have written a very comprehensive Handbook which will answer most of your questions! The handbook can be found by Clicking Here. Also, you can call our office team with any questions that you may have and we will do our very best to answer them for you.

Become a Psychic Reader
Work from home and earn fantastic revenues

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